“Introduction to Parables” Notes

Several people asked for access to the notes on Parables that were presented on Sunday morning during the Bible class hour (9/2/12). These will be helpful if you are assigned to teach the parables for our class, or for general study. I would just remind you that credit does not go to me (Ben), as I stole liberally from the introductory lectures on this topic from Dr. Harrison at Oklahoma Christian. Enjoy!

Download File Here

The following is the outline for the class on the Parables of Jesus on Sunday mornings. Rather than one teacher, several men from the congregation will be taking a turn teaching of these beloved parables.

1. Sept 2 Intro to Parables – Benjamin Williams

2. Sept 9 Unforgiving Servant – James Hamilton

3. Sept 16 Good Samaritan – Carl Burrus

4. Sept 23 Workers in Vineyard – Jerry Buller

5. Sept 30 Prodigal Son – Benjamin Williams

6. Oct 7 The Sower – Robert Hill

7. Oct 14 Wicked Tenants – Jerry Morgan

8. Oct 21 Unjust Steward – Jack Lierly

9. Oct 28 Ten Virgins – Randy Brown

10. Nov 4 The Talents –  Jesse Byers

11. Nov 11 Wheat and the Weeds – Robert Hill

12. Nov 18 Lost Sheep & Lost Coin – Bruce Rothell

13. Nov 25 Rich Man and Lazarus – Larry Potter