Spring Classes 2015

Beginning March 1st

Sunday Morning

  • Auditorium: “Parables of Jesus” (Jerry Morgan)
  • Young Adult Class: “Can We Trust the Bible?” (Randy Brown)
  • Teens: “Parables of Jesus” (Keith Riggs)
  • 4th-6th Grade: “Parables of Jesus” (Bobby Hill)
  • Children’s Program Teacher: Selene Williams
  • 1st-3rd Grade: Lenora Hamrick & Melissa Causby
  • 4-5 Year Old: Susan Yeager & Renee Whitchurch
  • Toddlers: Tonya Davidson & Darla Edwards
  • Nursery: Becky & Richard Senn

Sunday Evening (After Devotional)

  • Auditorium: “The Church of Christ” (Benjamin Williams)
  • Teens: Various Topics (Matt Caldwell)
  • Younger Children: Bible Hour (Bobby Hill)

Wednesday Evening

  • Auditorium: “Judges” (Benjamin Williams)
  • Teens/4th-6th Grade: “Explorer Series 6: Survey of Scripture” (James Hamilton)
  • 4 Year Old – 3rd Grade: Paula Hamilton & Andrea Hallsted
  • 2-3 Year Old: Stephanie Bullinger & Hannah Edwards
  • Nursery: Kaci Martinez