New Family Photos

photosOur church directory is a useful tool for our members, but it is a challenge to keep updated in an effective way. In the office, we have two separate methods of storing your data. One is an online resource, and the other is a Word document that we use to print the directory. The challenge, as you might guess, is keeping both of them in agreement. The process is cumbersome and the product is expensive.

Our current plan is to replace the way that we do our church directory in the very near future. Instead of an expensive binder with individually updated pages, we are switching to a single bound directory that we will print onsite using our own copier. This new directory will be generated by our online membership software, and therefore will always be as up-to-date as possible. It will be less expensive than the old method. Furthermore, instead of updating individual pages, we will be handing you a new directory a couple of times a year with updates already included, just like the phone book. Because the directory will be less expensive to print, you are also welcome to take more than one copy per family.

The one hurdle we have to clear before we make the switch is with our family photos. Our current directory uses images of differing size and quality. In order to have a consistent look, we are going to be taking all new family photos.

Here is what we need from you.

  1. Amateur Photographers. Steve Wetzel has volunteered to take the photos for us. He does a great job, and his photos turn out well. However, with so many photos to take, it would help if we had two photographers shooting at once. If you are an amateur photographer with good quality equipment, talk to Steve and see if you would be able to help us out.
  2. Show Up on the Right Date. Below, we are posting the dates for the upcoming photo sessions that will follow our Sunday morning worship service. We hope to delay you no more than necessary, and Thomas Hallsted will be acting as traffic cop to keep everything moving smoothly. Your job is to show up! Have your entire immediate family present and ready to go immediately after worship on the Sunday morning assigned to your family. If you cannot make it on that day, plan for the make-up date scheduled on May 22nd. To prevent as much inconvenience as possible, there will be no photos on Mother’s Day, May 8th.


April 17 A-E
April 24 F-M
May 1 N-R
May 8 Mother’s Day
May 15 S-W