“How To Study The Bible” on Sunday Nights

We are thrilled to announce that beginning on August 25th, we will launching our new Sunday night program. Our evening worship service will conclude at about 5:15-5:20 pm, and then we will begin classes. The boys (4th grade and up) will be in a “Timothy Class,” learning how to lead and serve in the church. The girls (4th grade and up) will be in a “Tabitha Class,” learning the skills of Christian service and character. The younger children will be doing Bible drills and lessons together as well.

The adult class will be on “How to Study the Bible.” Do you feel intimidated by the Bible when you try to read it? Do you feel like Bible study is best left to the “professionals”? This class will help teach you methods for Bible study that will give you the confidence to learn on your own and contribute to the learning of others.