Hope Harbor Video

Hope Harbor is a children’s home that is financially supported by the Glenpool church of Christ. We also help with their annual calling campaign. Please read about them below and watch the great video that they have produced explaining their work and its results. Watch for our very own local member and prison minister, Bill Hamrick, about six minutes into the video. (If you have trouble viewing the video below, you can also view it here: http://vimeo.com/45531380# or http://hopeharborinc.org/index.php/about-us/video/ .)

In 1947, in the shadow of World War II, loving Christian men and women saw the need for a children’s home in Northeast Oklahoma.  Father’s had died or been severely disabled in the war.  Many single mothers were struggling to survive both emotionally and financially, and in many cases were unable to provide for their children in the way that was needed.  So loving people did what loving people will always do:  they chose to act.

This legacy continues today.  Over the years, the campus of the children’s home moved from Turley to Claremore.  But the hearts of all involved stayed exactly where they were:  focused on the lives of children and the needs of families facing pain, loss, and desperation.  Today, Hope Harbor provides on-site services for at-risk teens through its Children’s Home and Academy.  In addition, off-site Christian counseling and parent training services are provided.  Parent training workshops are not only offered in church and community settings, but are taken into prison settings to reach out to incarcerated mothers and fathers.  Many programs.  One purpose.  To change the lives of children and families in need.