Fall 2016 Classes

the-holy-bible-1483623 (1)Beginning September 4th

Sunday Morning

  • Auditorium: “Hebrews” (David Tenison)
  • Fellowship Hall: “Introduction to Greek” (Nicholas White) *
  • Young Adult Class: “Hebrews” (Benjamin Williams)
  • Teens: “Hebrews” (Haden Brill)
  • 4th-6th Grade: “Hebrews” (Thomas Hallsted)
  • Children’s Program Teacher: Debbie Whitchurch
  • 1st-3rd Grade: Lenora Hamrick & Melissa Causby
  • 4-5 Year Old: Susan Yeager & Kenley Yeager
  • Toddlers: Sarah Hallsted & Jennifer Wadkins
  • Nursery: Shawna Caddell & Jennifer McCafferty

Sunday Evening (After Devotional)

  • Auditorium: “A Study of Prayer” (Benjamin Williams)
  • Chapel: “Evangelism” (Bruce Rothell)
  • Youth: “Bible Boot Camp” (Haden Brill)
  • Younger Children: Bible Hour (Bobby Hill)

Wednesday Evening

  • Auditorium: “Ruth & Esther” (Randy Brown)
  • Chapel: “Simply Christian” Book Discussion Class (Benjamin Williams) **
  • Teens/4th-6th Grade: “Follow In His Steps” (James Hamilton)
  • 4 yo-3rd Grade: Valerie Whittlesey & Allison Whittlesey
  • 2-3 Year Old: Stephanie Bullinger & Mackayla Bullinger
  • Nursery: Becky Senn


* If you are interested in the Introduction to Greek class, please let Ben know ASAP. The class will move forward if there are at least three interested students.

** If you want to be in the book discussion class, you need a copy of Simply Christian by N.T. Wright. Ben can order it for you if you sign up in the foyer and give $15 to Karen Brown. Otherwise, you are welcome to order it yourself.