freely-10281Glenpool Family,

We are always on the lookout for more and better ways of communicating with our church membership. Today, we are going to add something new to our arsenal.

You have been added to our new eNewsletter mailing list. You will automatically receive an email when a bulletin, announcement, or other item has been posted online. You can glance at the email and decide if you want to know more, or you can just delete it. It’s free and easy.

What if I don’t want to receive this newsletter? No problem. At the bottom of the email you will see an “unsubscribe” link. Follow the instructions to remove your name from our email list.

What if I accidentally unsubscribed or am not receiving the newsletter? You can go to the Subscription page to add your email address to our list.

What if I do not see the eNewsletter in my inbox? Check your spam folder. Some email clients will send mass emails like this to spam automatically. You should be able to fix that by adding the office email address to your contacts (office@glenpoolchurchofchrist.com).

Additionally, we have created an eNewsletter just for our Youth Group Parents. This will help us communicate with this group specifically without cluttering the inboxes of people who do not need this information. In the future, if there is interest, we could create a similar system for our other groups: Young Families, Middle Agers, and Senior Saints. Stay tuned!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Ben at benjamin.j.williams@gmail.com

God bless!