Construction, Parking, and Safety

During our construction phase, parking will be limited.

  • The handicapped area has been moved to the West side of the building by the single door entrance.
  • We will be losing the first row of parking (where the handicapped area was), but additional parking will be available on the lawn by the garage or the business to the south of us has given permission to use their area on Sunday mornings.
  • We encourage those that don’t mind the walk to leave the limited parking near the door for our older members.

Entrances and Exits

  • The main entrance leading into the foyer will be closed along with the outside door in the auditorium.
  • The new main entrance (while we are under construction) will be the Fellowship Room doors and the single door on the west side of the building which leads into the fellowship room.
  • Fire exits are the Fellowship Room doors, the door on the west side of the building, toddler class room (it has a north facing outside door), the door at the end of the classroom hallway that leads to the east side of the building and the door on the north side through the storage room (off of the fellowship room). Please see the map below.


  • All members are expected to stay out of the construction area at all times. This is both for your safety and for the legal liability of the church and the construction company.
  • Please keep a watchful eye on children during the next few months.

If you have any questions please see one of our Elders – Bill, Bobby, Carl, or Jesse.