Come to the Table: Friends & Family Day 2016

Share a special service with your family and friends at the Glenpool Church of Christ. Come to the Table!

September 25th

9:30 AM   Classes for All Ages
10:30 AM  Worship
11:30 AM  Free Meal
1:00 PM   Singing & Devotional


  • Food. The noon meal is always one of our favorite parts of Friends & Family Day. The church is providing the chicken, and we are asking members to bring sides and desserts. A sign-up list is available at the Guest Center in the Foyer for volunteers. See Deb Path with any questions.
  • Seating. If the Fellowship Hall fills up as it did last year, additional tables and seating will be available in the Chapel area. Teens are encouraged to eat together in the Teen Classroom.


  • Parking Attendants. On the big day, we will have some volunteers in the parking lot directing traffic. They will be helping to reserve parking near the front for our guests. Please pay attention to any instructions they give.
  • Valet Parking Available. We encourage our Senior Saints to allow our Young Families Group to park your car for you. Simply pull into the Drive-Thru and hand your keys over to one of our volunteers. They will park your car in the far parking lot and save you the walk.
  • Parking for Members. If you are an able-bodied member, we encourage you to help fill up the back parking lots, including the gravel lot behind the garage. This will help to reserve parking for our guests near the front.


  • Children. Teachers in your children’s classes can expect a larger than average turnout. Please prepare materials adequately. If you think you might need additional teachers or aides, please see Debbie Whitchurch.
  • Young Families Class. Our Young Families Class will be combined with the Auditorium for September 25th.