Charitable Donations Bins

donation binWhile the generous donations of residents are always appreciated by our many local charities, some have voiced concerns about items being improperly placed outside of the various donation bins around the city. This causes a few issues for local businesses, the city, and even the charities themselves.

When items are placed outside the bin (instead of inside) they are often exposed to the elements and are subsequently unusable by the time the collection is completed. As a result, the charity incurs the expense of disposing of the ruined items at the landfill; a ruined donation actually ends up costing the charity money because they have to pay to dispose of it. This is especially true of large items, like furniture.

Large items that will not fit inside the collection bins should be taken to a location that can accept these items. Most of the bins have contact information displayed on them, which can direct you to a more suitable collection point. Similarly, when a bin is too full to accept any additional items, you should find another location to make your donation, not leave the items outside the bin.

The most obvious issue relates to the unsightly appearance of items stacked outside the collection bins. Once one person stacks items outside the bin, many others are encouraged to follow the example. Before long, there may be a large, messy pile cluttering the parking lot. This not only looks bad to passersby, it also discourages businesses from allowing these bins to be placed on their property in the future.

Chris Brill,

Development Director

Hope Harbor Children’s Home and Family Ministries