Bulletin 4/8/12

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I’m actually preaching on the Passover and the Resurrection on Sunday in an attempt to take advantage of an opportunity to reach visitors. As you know I’m all for rabbits and eggs (especially if made of chocolate), but this weeks bulletin contains some interesting facts that should be considered when thinking about Easter. Here are a few additional thoughts on Easter adapted from Doug Dingley in this week’s Cleveland Contender:

  • The word “Easter” is completely and forever foreign to Scripture; that it never even once occurs in most modern translations of the Bible such as the American Standard, New American Standard, English Standard, or New King James versions, or even in the New International Version, and etc.
  • The only time “Easter” ever occurs in Scripture is in the original and otherwise very reliable 1611 King James Version, where it occurs only once (Acts 12:4), and then only as a complete mistranslation of the Greek word “pascha,” which means “Passover,” as it was so correctly translated the other 28 times it occurs therein.
  • “Easter” itself was originally a celebration of Estra, the pagan false goddess of fertility (hence the bunny), which the Catholic Church then confiscated, combined, and configured into their already compromised and corrupted form of “Christianity.”
  • In so celebrating, Protestants are not actually protesting (as their name is meant to imply) unbiblical Catholic doctrine, but fully promoting and perpetuating it.
  • Jesus Himself told us all, very clearly, completely, and concisely, exactly how His faithful followers were to remember Him (Luke 22:14-20), and those followers show us an example of how often He is to be remembered (Acts 20:7).