Summer Series 2017

Through the centuries, certain beliefs have stood at the front in the crowded room of Christian doctrines. These principles are the basis of the ancient Christian faith which we now share. This summer we will have a series of Wednesday night lessons from a talented selection of speakers on each of these themes.

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  • 6/7 God, Our Father & Creator / Paul Walvoord (Catoosa)
  • 6/14 Jesus Christ, His Son, Our Lord / Chris Rampey (Stuart)
  • 6/21 The Birth & Incarnation of Jesus / Tim Pyles (Broken Arrow)
  • 6/28 The Trial & Crucifixion of Christ / Robert Prater (Crosstown)
  • 7/5 The Resurrection of the Son of God / Haden Brill (Glenpool)
  • 7/12 The Ascension of the Lord / Bill Hamrick (Glenpool)
  • 7/19 The Second Coming & Judgment / Bill Path (Glenpool)
  • 7/26 The Holy Spirit / Johnny Hinton (29th & Yale)
  • 8/2 One, Holy Church / Grant Sullivan (North Heights, Bixby)
  • 8/9 The Communion of God’s People / Kent Brown (Northwest, OKC)
  • 8/16 The Forgiveness of Sins / Darrel Sears (Oakdale, OKC)
  • 8/23 Congregational Singing
  • 8/30 The Resurrection & Life Everlasting / Jeremie Beller (Wilshire)

Workshop on James

We forgot to announce this more generally, but this Saturday (2/4/17) we have a workshop scheduled at the church building on the book of James. James will be taught in the auditorium class in the Spring and also at our church camp this summer in June. If you are going to be teaching or assisting in any of these classes or activities, you are encouraged to attend the workshop.

The workshop will begin at 8 AM and be finish by Noon. A workbook will be provided. Please see Ben if you have any questions.

Day of Prayer

Our congregation will throw open our doors to the community on Election Day to host a Day of Prayer. On November 8th, while the polls are open from 7 AM – 7 PM, the church building will be open for people to stop by and pray for our nation or any other concern. Our minister and other volunteers will be on site to lead public prayers every 15 minutes throughout the day. People are welcome to come and go as they see fit. If you are in the area, whether you are voting or not, we encourage you to petition the Almighty with us.

Reaching Glenpool Schools with Love

img_2743Oklahoman’s are familiar with our state’s education budget woes. Even in better years, some children always have less than they need. It is the purpose of the people of God to show God’s love to our communities and help wherever we can.

Today, thanks to the support and generosity of our members and one of our local Walmart stores, our church was able to deliver a van load of donations to Jerry Olansen, Superintendent for Glenpool Public Schools.

At our first stop, we delivered much needed school supplies. The supplies – including lunchboxes, paper, folders, and calculators – will be distributed to teachers, students, and classrooms throughout the school system.

A few minutes later the van made another stop and dropped off three boxes of food. Our church donates food for underprivileged children to take home for the weekend. Last year we helped 46 children per week in the Kiefer Public School System. This year we are adding food donations for 25 additional children in the Glenpool school system. This was our first of many deliveries to come this school year at Glenpool Public Schools.

If you would like to donate funds to our food program this school year, please contact the church office or see Debbie Whitchurch.

Glory to God.

Prayers For Events In Tulsa

Most of you are now aware of recent events in Tulsa where police officers fired on a man, leading to his death.

As Christians, we mourn the death of Terence Crutcher and we are praying for his family in their loss. We also pray earnestly for our Christian sister Betty Shelby and as well as all the other officers involved. We join all those of goodwill in our community in praying for and seeking peace and constructive ways to strengthen our mutual concern for one another.

Pray without ceasing.

For Members

The elders have asked for some time on Wednesday night during our regular Bible class period for prayers and some comments related to these events.

The teen-led devotional will continue at the end of the hour as originally planned after the children are dismissed from their classes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our minister, Benjamin Williams.

Come to the Table: Friends & Family Day 2016

Share a special service with your family and friends at the Glenpool Church of Christ. Come to the Table!

September 25th

9:30 AM   Classes for All Ages
10:30 AM  Worship
11:30 AM  Free Meal
1:00 PM   Singing & Devotional


  • Food. The noon meal is always one of our favorite parts of Friends & Family Day. The church is providing the chicken, and we are asking members to bring sides and desserts. A sign-up list is available at the Guest Center in the Foyer for volunteers. See Deb Path with any questions.
  • Seating. If the Fellowship Hall fills up as it did last year, additional tables and seating will be available in the Chapel area. Teens are encouraged to eat together in the Teen Classroom.


  • Parking Attendants. On the big day, we will have some volunteers in the parking lot directing traffic. They will be helping to reserve parking near the front for our guests. Please pay attention to any instructions they give.
  • Valet Parking Available. We encourage our Senior Saints to allow our Young Families Group to park your car for you. Simply pull into the Drive-Thru and hand your keys over to one of our volunteers. They will park your car in the far parking lot and save you the walk.
  • Parking for Members. If you are an able-bodied member, we encourage you to help fill up the back parking lots, including the gravel lot behind the garage. This will help to reserve parking for our guests near the front.


  • Children. Teachers in your children’s classes can expect a larger than average turnout. Please prepare materials adequately. If you think you might need additional teachers or aides, please see Debbie Whitchurch.
  • Young Families Class. Our Young Families Class will be combined with the Auditorium for September 25th.

God Gives the Growth

Take a moment to joyfully thank God for what is happening at the Glenpool Church of Christ. The average attendance for the last four weeks of July was 206. That is first time our four week average has ever topped 200. It is the highest average in our congregation’s history … and it happened in the middle of a busy summer vacation month.

Good things are still ahead for Glenpool. Thank God and be part of it.