OSUIT Campus Ministry

OSU_Oklahoma_School_LogoIn cooperation with the Grand Ave. Church of Christ in Okmulgee, our congregation is proud to be the overseeing congregation for the new Campus Ministry at OSUIT in Okmulgee. One of our elders, Bobby Hill, a long-time youth minister, will be acting as campus minister and coordinating the teaching and activities. We are also helped a great deal by one of our other elders, Bill Path, President/Provost at OSUIT.

If you know of a student at OSUIT who might be interested in this ministry or any of its activities, please contact Bobby Hill.

We are also on the lookout for (1) willing volunteers to help on campus and (2) financial supporters who can help to expand the program with donations. Please pray for this good work and look for ways in which you can help.

If you are on campus, you may also contact the group sponsor, Michelle Canan.