Bulletin 3/5/17

Download the Bulletin here: Bulletin 3/5/17

Morning Sermon: “Adam: The History of Sin” Romans 5:12-19 (Benjamin Williams)

Evening Psalm: Psalm 129

Sunday Evening Classes:

  • Evangelism (Bruce Rothell)
  • Gospel Stories (Benjamin Williams)

Spring 2017 Classes

Beginning March 1st*

* Bobby’s Ephesians class from the Winter quarter is going to continue one additional week in March before the Auditorium class switches over to the Spring curriculum.

Sunday Morning

  • Auditorium: “James” (Bill Path & Others)
  • Fellowship Hall: “Introduction to Greek III” (Nicholas White)
  • Young Adult Class: “Revelation: Victory in Jesus” (David Tenison)
  • Young Professionals: “Thought Provokers” (Zac Tenison)
  • Teens: Disciple6 Curriculum – Blue Year (Haden Brill)
  • 3rd-6th Grade: GROW Curriculum 1:1 (Benjamin Williams)
  • Children’s Program Teacher: Selene Williams
  • 1st-2nd Grade: Lenora Hamrick & Melissa Causby
  • 4-5 Year Old: Susan Yeager & BJ Neal
  • Toddlers: Sarah Hallsted
  • Nursery: Rachel Tenison & Jennifer Wetzel

Sunday Evening (After Devotional)

  • Auditorium: “Gospel Stories” (Benjamin Williams)
  • Chapel: “Evangelism” (Bruce Rothell)
  • Youth: Youth Group (Haden Brill)
  • Younger Children: Bible Hour (Bobby Hill)

Wednesday Evening

  • Auditorium: “The Law as Scripture” (Benjamin Williams)
  • Teens: “The Story of the Old Testament” (Haden Brill)
  • 3rd-6th Grade: GROW Curriculum 1:1 (Ryan McCafferty)
  • K-2nd Grade: Valerie & Allison Whittlesey
  • 2-3 Year Old: Tonya Davidson & Hannah Edwards
  • Nursery: Becky Senn & Rebecca Harris


Bulletin 2/5/17

Download the Bulletin here: Bulletin 2/5/17

Morning Sermon: “Unnatural Church” 1 Corinthians 2:6-10 (Benjamin Williams)

Evening Psalm: Psalm 125

Sunday Evening Classes:

  • Evangelism (Bruce Rothell)
  • Gospel Stories (Benjamin Williams)

Workshop on James

We forgot to announce this more generally, but this Saturday (2/4/17) we have a workshop scheduled at the church building on the book of James. James will be taught in the auditorium class in the Spring and also at our church camp this summer in June. If you are going to be teaching or assisting in any of these classes or activities, you are encouraged to attend the workshop.

The workshop will begin at 8 AM and be finish by Noon. A workbook will be provided. Please see Ben if you have any questions.

Bulletin 1/29/17

Download the Bulletin here: Bulletin 1/29/17

Morning Sermon: “Foolish Church” 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 (Benjamin Williams)

Afternoon Psalm: Psalm 123 & 124


Fifth Sunday Schedule:

  • Second Contribution
  • Fellowship Meal Honoring New Members
  • 1:00 PM Afternoon Devotional
  • No Evening Devotional or Classes